Rantings of a Crazy Yena

Rizzy Rau

Rizzy Rau
amethyst, animals, anthro, art, aura, baby animals, bachelor's grove cemetery, bacon, badges, beads, black bear, body modification, bodymod, bones, books, bowling, build-a-bear, buttons, cake, candles, claws, collar, collars, collecting, colorado, commissions, con badge, conbadges, cookie dough, corset, corsets, crafts, creativity, cuddle, cuddles, cupcake, cupcakes, dark chocolate, david bowie, ddr, death, denver zoo, dir en grey, dragon, dragons, dreams, eddie izzard, fangs, fantasy, felines, fox, foxes, fur, furfright, furry, fursuit, fursuits, further confusion, garnet, ghost, ghost hunting, ghost stories, graboids, gree, grizzly bear, halloween, haunting, hide tanning, hides, hippo, horror, hyena, hyenas, ice cream, kangaroo, labyrinth, lion, lion's, lost boys, movies, muffin, mythical, native american, nature, nightmares, oogie boogie, otherkin, pagan, paranormal, peanut butter, pendulum, pet, pets, plastic canvas, poltergeist, porcupine, reading, red, repo! the genetic opera, rocky mountain fur con, romance, romantic, rubber duckies, scavange, scavanger, sex, sexual, shotglass, shotglass collecting, shotglasses, skull, skulls, sleep, sleeping, snuggle, snuggles, sour candy, sour patch kids, sour skittles, spicy food, spiritual, spotted hyena, stephen king, stone, stonehenge, stones, stuffed animals, supernatural, taco bell, tails, tarot, tattoo, tattoo's, taxidermy, teeth, therian, toyota, travel, tree kangaroo, tremors, vampire, vampires, warhead candy, wiccan, wildlife, wolf, wolves, yarn, zombie, zoo