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Apr. 9th, 2037


[sticky post] Movies I Own

So i keep saying i will post my list of movies somewhere, so here is all my movies under the cut. Anything in blue is my bluray movies. They are listed Alphabetically, so if you see a set of movies where the titles seem out of place its because they are in the same pack in where i put them on my shelf if it makes sense XD

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May. 23rd, 2020


(no subject)


Due to the random spam bots, which seem to be popping up no matter where I go, I have set this journal to "Friends Only" mode.

If you'd like to read my journal of random, then feel free to comment  (AKA Bake a Muffin)  here and I will add you ASAP.

Also Banner made by me in paint, but the picture in the middle was done by: www.furaffinity.net/user/steeljaw

Nov. 12th, 2012



X - Posted from FA Journal

*does a happy dance*

So today was pre-registration's for the Spring 2013 classes here at the local college.

I pretty much have everything in and i have signed up for 5 classes, which puts me at 18 credit hours, making me a full time student! (12 credits, is considered full time)

That being said, classes begin on January 14th! *so excited i could kersplode*

Anyways so I have:

Mon- Biology
9:00AM ~ 11:10AM

College Prep English
5:15PM ~ 7:00PM

Tue- Ceramics 1
1:30PM ~ 4:00PM

College Prep Math
5:15PM ~ 7:30PM

Wed- Biology
9:00AM ~ 11:10AM

College Prep English
5:15PM ~ 7:00 PM

Colorado History
7:45pm ~ 10:00 PM

Thur- Ceramics 1
1:30PM ~ 4:00PM

College Prep Math
5:15PM ~ 7:30PM

Fri/Sat/Sun - OFF! :3

This is all pretty much needed as for starters I'm going for an associate of science and will need 60 credit hours for the degree (if i understood that right)

The Ceramics class, is more as a side fun class, however its credits do count under the extra curricular credits I need for that 60 total. They had a few other nifty art classes, but they would have conflicted with some of the other important ones I chose.

Still it's a start, and I'm actually kinda lookin forward to the classes except for math *coughcough* but I need the math so i shall do it!

And if I ever complain that I don't wanna progress or make any notions I wanna quit or give up, please feel free to kick my ass.


Sep. 13th, 2012


Digger my Rat has a URI Help?!

I dont post here often,l but i posted this on FA and wanted to post here as well.

So digger my male rat currently has an URI and while i've talked to the vet on the phone, i still need to take him in. Unfortunately with the job issue still being worked on i dont have much income to help take him in and get meds. He isnt overly bad right now but he does kinda snort when he gets kinda active and he tends to get sneezing fits. Hes been kinda lethargic and not overly active he does seem to eat and drink ok.

While i hate asking for help, i'd like to get this taken care of ASAP.

I have a few necklaces up for sale that i'm taking offers on, and willing to possibly do other necklace commissions or possible drawn badges for cheap as well. I'd offer up Plastic canvas badges but i'm not to sure who would be interested.

If you can help out or would like to just send a few dollars my paypal is TheCraftyYena[at]gmail.com or feel free to note me.

The Necklaces I have for Sale are:

Peacock Pretty:IMG_2329


Seahorse Necklace:  IMG_1600

Dec. 11th, 2011


Holiday Holly Set FOR SALE And other necklace sets

a small somthing i made up with my spare time and some items i had left using class beads and wire.
20 inches long and set of earrings to match
its suppose to be like holly in general which is the idea. I would love to sell this piece for the holidays.

asking $20 flat which already includes the shipping.

If interested comment me

I also have a few other necklaces i've made and would like to sell off as well so if you are interested please let me know as well They are under the cut.
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Nov. 16th, 2011


Candy Cane Climbers

I have 120 Candy Canes, that i'd be happy to put to use for some candy
cane climbers if anyone was interested. $15 gets you 1 climber WITH a
candy cane. If you order more than one i'll discount so i can combine
shipping on several. Help me use up my candy canes, and get something
awesome for the holidays!


I have these designs available:

Gingerbread Man

If You are interested please feel free to comment or note me :3

Nov. 12th, 2011



So every year i put together a list of people who would at least like a
card sent out to them, because even a card can cheer some one up. If
you'd like one feel free to comment here, as i will have comments screened.

No addy no card :P

Hopefully this isnt posted to early, but early enough i can get things in works before things get really busy ^^ I will be doing my best to get them out closer to thanksgivingish.

Will probably be posing a wishlist and my addy for sending cards to me in a friends locked journal a little later.